Freecell Solitaire

Freecell Solitaire Game: Plan and Play to Win

You might have heard of this famous game known as Freecell Solitaire. This card game is interesting, mind-challenging and more importantly, very addictive. Once you start to play it, you keep playing until you win it.

The game has a history just like every card game, and Paul Alfille invented it in 1978. It’s the time when computers were not a massively used technology available for all people. However, those who had it enjoyed playing the computerised version of Freecell Solitaire game.

Freecell Solitaire is a very dependent and challenging game. Truth to be told is that you need to have some skills and expertise to master this game because almost all experienced card game players believe this game to be a bit complex. I would not say that you cannot win it. However, there are a few moves that are known to be unsolvable. For the most part, this game is very much solvable and playable by those who have the skills to win it.

Just like Klondike Solitaire, Freecell can be won by using the mind during the card arrangements and sorting process. But, to some extent, your luck also plays an important role, improving your chances of winning this card game.

Move Ahead

The only smart method to win the game is to learn to be more strategic. In traditional solitaire, you don’t ever have to plan ahead of time before you make a move and tap on a card. You know that you’ll win eventually if you keep on playing. On the contrary, when you play Freecell, you need to think ahead of time and plan your moves or else you will end up losing the game.

Don’t always go for the most obvious moves; they can make the game more complex as they are not always right. Take a deep breath when you are stuck and sigh. Sort it out and never play the cards just when you are confused. Take your time when arranging the cards.

Thumb Rule

As a thumb rule, you have to start dealing the cards in the right order, starting from Aces. Make them your priority when your game is just too entangled between piles of poorly dealt cards. Don’t feel lost, always begin from Ace when you have no idea what to do.

Piling the cards

You need to make sure to empty the table. As you move further in the gameplay, you will find these empty free cells to be really effective and useful in the gameplay. You can arrange, store and put an entire sequence of cards, use them to organise more in the right order. It would take less time. Instead of dealing with one card, make the pile in the arranged order.

Avoid More cards

One of the most common mistakes that most game players make is stacking up more cards when they are stuck. In case you find yourself out of options, you need to find an alternative, try to keep more cells usable and free.  Once you start dealing with the Freecell deal, space will be occupied, and at one point they are so full for making more moves. So here you have to follow the right strategy and keep the cells empty. Solve the ongoing Freecell deals first. This is the right way to move forward and make the chance of winning the game.

Stop Moving all the cards

Another strategy is to move as few cards as possible to the home cells.  Try moving the lower cards of other suits first; it makes way for you to come up with more solutions.

Empty pile

The trick is well known when you have no idea what to pick to fill in the empty pile, choose the King. It’s helpful. You would be able to put the cards in the descending sequence with this trick.

The above-mentioned Freecell Solitaire strategies and tricks are for those who are still learning to master the game. The more you play, the more you know. More plans come from playing the game personally and experiencing it on your own. So play the game and unlock more tricks during the gameplay.


Per, FreeCell was invented in 1978 by a medical student who was working with early versions of computers at the University of Illinois. It was then introduced on Windows in 1991, which popularized the game.