Free Spider Solitaire

Free Spider Solitaire is a famous Solitaire Game which you can play on computer. The game became worldwide famous when Microsoft began to offer its users a free copy of it along with the windows.

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How to Play Free Spider Solitaire

Free Spider Solitaire is one of many variations of traditional Solitaire games. Since it is a singer player or solo game you can play it alone to kill the time and put your intelligence at practice within the game.

Free Spider Solitaire

Arrangement of Cards: Like any traditional Solitaire game, the goal of playing of Free spider Solitaire is clear away all the cards in the right order and sequence from the table. Here are some basic essentials of the game for your understanding, these are the terms that you come across in every solitaire game regardless of the variation.

Tableau: The tableau of free Spider Solitaire refers to the rows and columns of the cards. It is where you play the game and arrange the cards in the order. In spider Solitaire there are 10 columns of 54 cards in the tableau to play with. The top ten cards on the top of the stack are dealt face up.

Foundation: This is where you move the cards one by one in a particular order. The goal is to arrange all the cards in the foundation area.

Stock: These are cards below that have not been dealt up yet. When you can’t move any face up card from the tableau, you can pick and move one from the stock.

While choosing a game, You get the following options to choose from:

Option to choose the number of suits (1, 2 or 4).

Option to choose between the difficulty levels (starting from easy to grand master or random).

Types of Spider Solitaire

Free Spider Solitaire 1 Suit:

You can play this spider Solitaire game with 1 suit instead of 4 suits, usually spades. In this version, you can choose between three difficulty levels. Easy, Medium, or Hard.

Spider 1 Suit is the easiest of all Solitaire game types as you don’t have to take into account the colors or categories while moving the cards. In this game you get two decks of total of 104 cards to play and arrange in the order. The goal is to expose all the cards and arrange them in a sequence so you can arrange them in the foundation block below.

You’ll need to make 8 runs in total which will have 13 cards each, starting from King to Ace. Once a sequence or run is complete, it’ll automatically move to the foundation blocks below. When you complete all the 13 sequences and move them to the foundation below, you win the free Spider Solitaire 1 Suit game! Bravo

Free Spider Solitaire 2 or 4 Suits:

Spider 2 or 4 Suits is a difficult version of Spider 1 Suit. Most of the rules of the game are similar to Spider 1 Suit. However, you have to take into account the colors and categories when forming a complete run.

You can play Spider 2 Suits with 2 suits, spades, and hearts. Or you can play Spider Solitaire game 4 Suits with all 4 suits in a deck. In general, you can freely move cards under other cards and don’t have to take into consideration the colors.

For instance, you can move 3 of spades under 4 of hearts, but you can move the complete run under the foundation block only when the entire run is of the same color. Once the color matches, you win Spider Solitaire 2 or 4 Suits game!! It’s fun to play to win the game.

Cards in Stock Piles:

When you’re no longer in a position to move the cards during spider Solitaire game play, then you can tap the stock piles in the bottom right corner to deal new cards.

Finally, I’d say that Spider Solitaire is a very difficult game to master and most players feel that sometimes it can become almost impossible to win a game specially when playing with 4 suits. Download PS3 Roms For Windows