Free Spider Solitaire

Free Spider Solitaire is basically a card game of patience. The good thing about this game is that you don’t need any participants as it is played solo. The game is played with all the cards in one deck and our goal will be to arrange all the 52-cards in a particular sequence. The rules of the game will depend upon which solitaire game you’re playing.

Now that you know a bit about the real-time Solitaire Card Game, let me go ahead and explain to you what is Spider Solitaire.

Free Spider Solitaire is a famous Solitaire Game which is played on a computer. The game started gaining popularity when Microsoft began to offer it’s users a free copy of it along with the windows.

How to Play Free Spider Solitaire

While choosing a game, you’ll be given the following options:

  • Option to choose the number of suits (1, 2 or 4)
  • Option to choose between the difficulty levels (starting from easy to grand master or random)

Types of Spider Solitaire

  • Spider 1 Suit: Easy
  • Spider 2 Suit: Medium
  • Spider 4 Suit: Hard

Spider 1 Suit:

This game is played with only one suit instead of 4, usually spades. In this version, you can choose between three difficulty levels. Easy, Medium,or Hard. Spider 1 Suit is the easiest of all game types as you don’t have to take into account the colors or categories while moving the cards. The game is played with 104 cards, two decks. The goal is to expose all the cards and arrange them in a sequence so they can be moved to the foundation blocks below. You’ll need to make 8 runs in total which will have 13 cards each,starting from King to Ace. Once a sequence or run is completed, it’ll automatically be moved to the foundation blocks below. When all 13 sequences are completed and moved to the foundation blocks below, you’ve won the game.

Spider 2 or 4 Suits:

Spider 2 or 4 Suits is a difficult version of Spider 1 Suit. Most of the rules of the game are similar to Spider 1 Suit except that you have to take into account the colors and categories when forming a complete run. Spider 2 Suits is played with 2 suits,spades, and hearts. While Spider 4 Suits, is played with all 4 suits in a deck.In general, you’re allowed to move cards under other cards and don’t have to take into consideration the colors. Like for example, you can move 3 of spades under 4 of hearts, but a complete run or sequence will only be moved to the foundation block below when the entire run is of the same color.

Cards in Stock Piles:

When you’re no longer in a position to move the cards, then you can tap the stock piles in the bottom right corner to deal new cards.

Finally, I’d say that this is a very difficult game to master and most players feel that sometimes it can become almost impossible to win a game specially when playing with 4 suits.